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Nashville-Davidson Co Chancellor, Chancery Court Part II

The Chancellor is the judge who presides over Chancery Court. The Court handles a variety of issues including lawsuits, contract disputes, application for injunctions, and name changes. Divorces, adoptions, and workers’ compensation cases can be heard in Chancery Court or Circuit Court. The Davidson County Chancery Court also serves as the court of appeals for a number of State of Tennessee administrative issues.

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    Anne C. Martin

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Being a judge for Chancery Court is very different than being a judge for Circuit or Criminal Court. As a chancellor, I hear cases involving complex legal issues such as contract disputes, property disputes over ownership or boundaries, and many business to business disputes. I have significant expertise in these areas of law, both from twenty- six years of private practice as well as my years on the bench. I am also efficient in handling and managing cases. As a chancellor, timelines for hearing arguments, reading briefs, researching legal issues and writing opinions are tight. Making the right decision is the bare minimum for any judge, but making the right decision within a reasonable timeframe is a balance I really strive to strike.
I think voters who have experienced the past few election cycles are weary of issues being based on party identity. Though I am a Democrat, I would like to assure all voters that my judgment has never been informed by politics or policy — I judge only arguments, evidence, and law relevant to the case at hand. This has and will always be how I resolve cases that come before me. Though the judicial branch has become increasingly politicized in recent years, I hope that all voters of Davidson County know that party politics have no place in my courtroom.
I plan to continue as the judge of the Tennessee Business Court Pilot Program, to which I was appointed by the Chief Justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court. The program is a specialized docket with litigants ranging from large, national companies to small businesses with legal matters that meet a list of criteria established by a state-wide advisory commission including complexity. Since assignment as the judge for the Pilot Program on November 1, 2019, I have contributed to a body of corporate and commercial jurisprudence covering business topics ranging from contract interpretation to corporate e-discovery to business organizations and more.