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Montgomery Co. Circuit Court Judge - Part I

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    Adrienne Fry

Información Biográfica

Why are you running for Judge?

How has your background prepared you to serve as a Judge?

Education Juris Doctorate, University of Tennessee College of Law
Work experience 10+ years in private practice and now serving as the Circuit Court Judge for Div I in the 19th Judicial District
I am presently the Circuit Court Judge for Division I here in Montgomery and Robertson counties and would like to continue serving the communities in this capacity. The law and service above self are two passions of mine and this position allows me the opportunity to do both- I love my job.
Being a trial attorney for over a decade in these communities has provided me the background to understand the needs of both attorneys and litigants in this area. In private practice I have tried cases ranging from first degree murder to minor civil infractions and everything in between.