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Juvenile court judges deal with individuals under the age of 18 with delinquency and status offenses, but also with issues concerning dependency and neglect, child abuse, child support, custody issues, establishing parentage, visitation, and the need for medical and/or mental health treatment for children.

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Why are you running for judge?

How has your background prepared you to serve as a judge?

Campaign Phone 615-930-1196
Campaign Twitter Handle @Andrae4Judge
Campaign Instagram URL http://instagram.com/andrae4judge
Campaign Facebook URL http://www.facebook.com/Andrae4Judge
I care deeply about the youth in our community. As a product of a two- parent, Christ-centered home, I recognize that although I did not grow up wealthy as it pertains to finances, I grew up wealthy in relationships. My parents, grandparents, church youth leaders, teachers and coaches made up my village. Many of the children before this court will not have this support. Unfortunately, some parents will not parent. It will be my mission to keep families together where it is a healthy environment for the child, re-direct children who are committed to making a turnaround to resources that support them and build better rapport with our community through outreach and education. Together we can make our Juvenile Court better!
For almost 15 of my 17 plus years as an attorney, I worked with Legal Aid Society serving low-income families who could not afford an attorney for their civil legal matters. This work helped me to establish connections with social service agencies that also serve our youth. For 10 -1/2 years with Legal Aid Society, I served in leadership capacities. Having experience managing people with varying personalities and backgrounds has been vital to my understanding of how to better support those I supervise in their professional and personal growth. For 13 years, I have served as a pastor of a congregation in Murfreesboro. In mediating disputes between members and making strategic calls in operations, I am capable of leading in tough times.
Campaign Phone 6159004969
Campaign Twitter Handle @www.twitter.com/lampleyforjudge
I believe our community needs a Juvenile Court Judge that has a strong focus on habilitation and rehabilitation of the youth, with attempted preservation of the family unit.

I will be firm, fair, and have compassion for the youth and families that are on the Court’s dockets.

I plan to restructure the dockets to more effectively move cases along in an effort to bring permanency to the children.

The next Juvenile Court Judge should have relevant experience and an understanding of best practices in our Juvenile Court. This is not the time to learn on the job.

Our community deserves a Juvenile Court Judge that will explore all avenues with community agencies and will take all available steps to restore the community’s trust.
For the majority of my 17 year legal career, I have handled family law cases and have served in every capacity representing children and parents in juvenile courts across Middle Tennessee. My prior service on the Rutherford County Foster Care Review Board and current service on the Child Protective Investigative Team (C.P.I.T.) for the 16th Judicial District has given me great insight into many problems facing our community. I attended the Lipscomb University Institute of Conflict Management, where I became a certified family law mediator. My current responsibilities as an Assistant District Attorney include the Juvenile Court caseload, as well as the adult dockets.