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The Public Defender Office represents clients who cannot afford to hire a lawyer in General Sessions, Criminal and Juvenile Courts. The 16th Judicial District is composed of Rutherford & Cannon Counties.

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Why are you running for Public Defender?

How has your background prepared you to serve as Public Defender?

Campaign Mailing Address 191 HALF ACRE RD
I have served the people of Rutherford and Cannon County as Public Defender since 1989. The constitutional principles of due process and equal justice under the law must be preserved. Helping others in this context is consistent with my personal convictions and strong beliefs.
I have been a practicing attorney for 40 years. I have served as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. During this time, I have been personally involved in hundreds of cases and supervised the activities of assistant public defenders in hundreds of other matters. I have served on various criminal justice committees by appointment of different governors of our state.