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Rutherford County SCHOOL BOARD, ZONE 4

School board members determine how the district functions, including approving the budget, curriculum, and school zones. They hire and evaluate the Director of Schools. The school board is responsible for adopting the policies that are followed throughout the school system. The policies they approve follow federal and state laws.

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What do you see as the main responsibilities of a county school board member?

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the Rutherford County School Board at this time?

What role do you think a county school board member should have in the charter school approval process?

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The main responsibility of a county school board member is to make sure our children are receiving the best education possible. This is done through many different facets: being a voice for our community; ensuring fiscal responsibility; evaluating instruction and education; maintaining transparency; demonstrating accountability; reviewing and implementing policies.
I feel there are many challenges the Rutherford County School Board is facing. Currently, three of the biggest challenges the RCSB is facing are growth, curriculum & trust.
Charter schools fall under the umbrella of Rutherford County Schools. Therefore, the RCSB should be a part of the approval process. Charter schools will have an impact on the students of Rutherford County. School board members represent the voice of their community and that should have an impact on decisions such as these.