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Criminal Court Clerk

Term: 4 yearsThe criminal court clerk keeps the records for the criminal courts of Hamilton County. The clerk deals with all the paperwork involved with arrests, state traffic violations, misdemeanor court hearings, felony preliminary court hearings. The clerk also oversees the collection of court fines and court costs which are six months overdue.

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    Vince Dean

Información Biográfica

What qualifications make someone a good candidate for criminal court clerk?

Court records are public records. As the incumbent, how do you facilitate making the records of the criminal court clerk’s office readily available and easily accessible to the public?

Do you believe that people seeking access to public records should have to pay for access to them? Should they have to pay for copies of the records, and if so, how would you set the price?

Who sets the fee and court cost schedules for the Hamilton Criminal Court, and do you consider those schedules to be reasonable?

As the incumbent, how do you help people with felony convictions in Hamilton County Criminal Court restore their voting rights in Tennessee?

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