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Vote for two members per district. No Democratic candidate ran for this position.

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    Bert Chalfant

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    Tom Tunnicliffe

Información Biográfica

What is the biggest challenge facing Williamson County?

If elected, how will you keep in touch with your constituents?

What is the most significant challenge facing the Williamson County School system?

Other than the schools, what is the most important item in the County Budget?

Campaign Mailing Address 6206 Bridlewood Ln
Brentwood, TN 37027
Campaign Phone 615-373-4119
To maintain Williamson County's Debt within the limit established by Moody's AAA Bond Rating.
I am readily available by Home Phone 615-373-4119 and email chalfanthouse@comcast.net. Local issues are discussed at the City/County District Meetings I attend. Visits to schools for special events.
Continued expansion of present schools and building of new schools to maintain school student capacity as dictated by growth.
Salaries and Benefits for all Williamson County Employees
Campaign Mailing Address 302 Foxborough Sq W
Brentwood, TN 37027
Campaign Phone 615-594-1000
Campaign Website http://tomt4cc.com
Campaign Twitter Handle @twitter.com/tomt4cc
Campaign Instagram URL http://instagram.com/tomt4cc
Campaign Facebook URL http://facebook.com/tomt4cc
The unprecedented growth we are experiencing. This growth has put a financial strain on every department in the county.
My phone number has been published since I was elected four years ago, I have an active Twitter account, an active Facebook account, and I am very responsive to email.
The same challenge the county as a whole is facing, unprecedented growth. With the schools that relates to being able to build and maintain schools while being able to pay teachers and staff accordingly at the same time.
Law-enforcement: the sheriffs department, the county jail, and the juvenile court. I will also state that every department in the counties budget is very important, all the departments are very frugal and do their best to keep their budget very tight.