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You may vote for 2 candidates in this district. No Democratic candidate ran for this position.

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    Barb Sturgeon

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    Drew Torres

Información Biográfica

What is the biggest challenge facing Williamson County?

If elected, how will you keep in touch with your constituents?

What is the most significant challenge facing the Williamson County School system?

Other than the schools, what is the most important item in the County Budget?

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Campaign Mailing Address 2134 HARTLAND RD
Campaign Phone 615-538-5405
The biggest challenge facing us is our debt. Based on a review of the last 10 years of Williamson County’s finances, the debt has risen and continues to rise at a rate faster than the population growth. In fact, approximately 20 cents of every tax dollar in the budget goes to pay debt. This is an unsustainable approach that we all must work together to address now. A long-range financial plan along with a financial health scorecard that is shared with the public is something that I want to build.
I have two plans. First, I would like to communicate via my website and a monthly newsletter about the resolutions coming to the commission as well as the committee information. There is a ton of information that can be distilled down into consumable pieces so that the district and others stay informed. Second, I would like to host quarterly reviews. This is a best practice I use in business. This allows for an update on the opportunities, challenges, and current state of the county's business.
As a parent of a special needs child in Williamson County Schools, our sense is that the schools are facing unusual pressures. Teachers are leaving Williamson County Schools at an alarming rate and this must be addressed. I believe that schools can reach their full potential when parents are engaged, teachers can teach, and the curriculum is age appropriate. The bureaucracy in our education system is a limiting factor of success and this is something that we need to address with the school board and the state.
Public safety is an area that may be underfunded. I have spoken with several sheriff deputies to get their input. The number one thing that has been expressed is pay and how low it is relative to other agencies. Many of the deputies that I speak with do not live in Williamson County because it has become unaffordable with the current housing market and their pay structure.