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Williamson County Clerk

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    Deborah Campbell Sparks

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    Jeff Whidby

Información Biográfica

What prior experience has prepared you to be an effective County Clerk?

What one action should the County Clerk implement to improve customer service within the County Clerk's office?

Campaign Mailing Address PO Box 3504
Brentwood, TN 37027
I have multiple years of organization, training and solution experience. With that being said I was the Financial Director for the dental school of Meharry Medical School where I implemented billing system, software and collections to be computerized. Not just Meharry I have worked with other single practices to make sure that their practice is receiving the most effective way of collecting funds, scheduling and their billing system as well. Even it's a different in the business but the effect is the same as a County Clerk. Also with training and to encourage changes in the work place for the employees . When you have your employees on board to assistant in decisions tog
We should implement utilizing the different municipalities clerk offices that are in Williamson County to distribute car tags, marriage licenses, birth certificates, etc . Last but not least if these items were implemented in the surrounding clerks office lines at the main office would no take the tay tax payer an entire day off from their busy schedules.
I have worked in the County Clerk's office since 2003, and the County Commission unanimously appointed me Interim County Clerk on November 8, 2021. During my 19 years of service in the County Clerk's office, I have worked in every position in the office providing the entire spectrum of services provided by the County Clerk. I served as Elaine Anderson's Chief Deputy Clerk for more than 10 years, and during this time, I was provided hands on training of the position by a County Clerk that has worked in the office for 54 years. This hands on training is invaluable. In short, I am the only candidate that has any experience in the office and am currently doing the job as County Clerk so there will not be a learning curve when I take office.
The biggest issue facing the County Clerk's office is the tremendous growth in the County. Recently, the Election Commission moved locations and the County Clerk's office has been given the office space. This will allow my office to move certain services to the new space and free up space in our main office for additional employees. Growth in the County has far exceeded the increase in employees in the office, but being able to use the new office space will allow the office to hire more employees. Additional employees will decrease wait times, allow more calls to be answered and make the overall experience more efficient.