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Minnesota Governor

Governor - appoints heads of department and agencies; propose state budgets and sign (approve) or veto (reject) legislation. Appoints judges to fill vacancies and issues pardons and reprieves; can restore rights to felons.Lt Governor - assumes the Governor’s responsibilities in the governor’s absence or if there is a vacancy. Also performs projects and other duties assigned by the governor.

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Información Biográfica

What are the most important challenges facing our state, and how do you propose to address them? (750 characters)

What are the biggest public safety concerns for Minnesotans and how would you address them? (500 characters)

What, if any, actions would you take to address threats facing Minnesota from climate change? (500 characters)

What, if anything, should our state do to ensure quality healthcare at an affordable cost for all, and access to reproductive health services? (500 characters)

What actions, if any, would you support to address racial or ethnic disparities in Minnesota? (500 characters)

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Campaign Website http://jamesformn.com
Campaign Twitter Handle @jamesformn
Campaign Mailing Address 6909 76TH AVE N
I want to focus on numerous topics, but the most crucial ones are finding a solution to inner city violence, combating institutionalized racism and sexual discrimination, and defending women's reproductive rights. If I were elected, I would use education to reassemble the ladders of achievement. I think that in order to properly execute these policies, I would need to inform my community, cultivate leaders who share my beliefs, and either appoint them to significant positions or possibly encourage them to seek for political office. The Governor has the authority to influence and veto legislation that they support or oppose, thus I will exercise this authority to sway and veto legislation that I find to be unjust.
Theft of cars, gun violence, and police brutality are some of the top safety issues in our state. Empowering the community is one way we can improve public safety. The campaign to crack down on crime has only led to violent conflict between the community and those who opted to defend it. Both sides of this community must work together to end this tension and establish a new relationship based on mutual respect and trust.
I think that by putting money towards renewable energy today, we can create a better tomorrow. We should invest in organic agriculture with the money that would otherwise be used to expand the fossil fuel economy, while simultaneously safeguarding the jobs of any workers who might be affected by the shift toward environmental protection.
Every effort should be made by our state to provide everyone with high-quality healthcare. You deserve high-quality medical treatment even if you are unable to pay for it. I'd like to think that doctors go into medicine to help people, not to decide whether or not to save someone based on financial considerations. It is our responsibility as state officials to protect the women who live in Minnesota. We have a responsibility to establish a secure setting for woman to access reproductive care
There are numerous ways we may address the racial gaps in Minnesota thanks to this one solution. Cannabis could be safely and responsibly legalized, which would result in a major drop in arrests based on ethnicity, the elimination of marijuana employment tests by employers, and the expungement of previous non-violent marijuana-related crimes. Additionally, legalizing marijuana would open up a lot of professional opportunities for young folks in low-income communities.
Campaign Website http://McTavish4MN.org
Facebook (Full URL) http://facebook.com/McTavish4MN
Campaign Twitter Handle @McTavish4MN
Campaign Email info@McTavish4MN.org
Campaign Mailing Address 7460 PINEHURST RD.
Elections and policy making based on influence and money and division instead of reason and evidence and civil discourse is our biggest problem, followed by the inability of government to do anything to address our problems due to partisan division, and third, the lack of real democracy and considering the views of citizens. I propose Jury Democracy—500 randomly selected voters come to St. Paul to convene as a jury, listen to the arguments and evidence from all sides on one bill or proposal, read the bill, break into small groups to discuss it, and then vote by secret ballot. With jury democracy we will make policy based on evidence, reason, and civil discourse, instead of money, influence, and division.
Allow police officers to be fired. The question is not whether we need more cops or fewer. We need better cops. Currently, under state law police officers can only be disciplined or fired after arbitration, and arbitrators block almost all discipline. The result is a culture of silence about misconduct and too many bad cops. Fire the bad cops and pretty soon you only have good cops. I would change the law to give every police chief authority to fire and discipline as they please.
Acquire land and revert it to nature. As a species we use almost every inch of land for human use, even natural areas that we use for logging, mining, and intense fishing. We should share the planet with other species. My dream is to revert half the land to nature and have wild buffalo roaming the southern half of the state and abundant meadowlarks, otters, beavers, wolves, and native prairie in their original ranges.
I am prochoice and would enact that into law with Jury Democracy.

I would invite all groups and sides to submit their ideas for reform of health care to juries. Let’s have rational debate about it and consider proposals based on the arguments and evidence, not have them blocked by insurers and other powerful interests.

One proposal I would introduce is that providers must charge all insurers and individuals the same price for the same service and must provide a list of their prices.
Jury Democracy will give representation and real power to the poor, middle class, and ethnic and racial minorities proportional to their numbers—automatically without quotas or affirmative action. They then will pursue their interests and the system will change. I would assist federal immigration authorities and ban “sanctuary cities” for illegal immigrants. It is not racism to enforce our immigration laws, and uncontrolled immigration hurts the poor and minorities most.
Campaign Website http://patterforgov.com
Campaign Mailing Address 27017 US-218
AUSTIN, MN 55912
We need to help small businesses stay in business. I believe we need to lower the cost of liquor licenses for bars and restaurants especially since they were expected to pay for those licenses even while their businesses were shut down during COVID.

We need to take steps towards ending homelessness rather than making homelessness and or being on welfare more comfortable. In order to accomplish this we need to stop limiting the amount of money someone can make while on welfare, when they can afford it and make enough money they can be taken off of state aid.

We need to stop taxing state income taxes on overtime. People who are trying to get themselves out of debt or save money should not be taxed extra for working extra hours.
The biggest public safety concern is that people want to de-fund the police.

Law enforcement is needed, it is unfair to police officers that citizens blame the police who are enforcing the laws rather than the politicians who are creating the laws.

We cannot feed into the illusion that law enforcement is bad for our citizens. We need to hold our law enforcement officers to the highest standards and make sure that individuals who are not fit to be in the position are removed from their position of authority, but to say that police are not good for our communities is an incredibly dangerous concept for a remarkably entitled generation to feed into.
I think everyone should make a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint, but large scale actions would have to be addressed on a national level, rather than a state level.
Healthcare reform should not begin with making it free. I think Healthcare reform begins with fixing the mental health issues that have affected the United States and that were magnified during the COVID pandemic. I believe that mental health deficiencies negatively affect peoples eating, sleeping, and exercise habits. There is also a correlation between stress and illness that has been ignored. I would like to see mental health patients handled better by the medical field.
I support the measures that have been taken that are already in place to level the playing field for ESL individuals.
The working class, internationally, faces mounting hardship. Workers fights like strikes by rail workers in Canada and England, coal miners at Warrior Met in Alabama and others set an example to millions who face similar conditions. Building solidarity is essential to their victories. Workers have everything to gain from relying on our own forces, not the Republicans or the Democrats. It is through uncompromising class struggle that working people acquire discipline, class consciousness and discover our own capacities. This way, we can chart a course that can put political power in the hands of the toilers and build a society based on human solidarity.
Crime, drug use, and preying on neighbors is not normal for a working-class that is organizing and resisting, a working-class whose emancipation from exploitation can only be won by our own independent political organization and disciplined action. We must hold each other to a high standard. At the same time, workers need to demand that cops who kill and brutalize people be prosecuted, stand-up against the “justice” system with its frame-ups, plea bargains, onerous bail and lengthy prison sentences which hit Black workers hardest.
Labor’s transformation of nature is the source of all wealth. It is the competition for profit that drives the ruling capitalists to exploit our labor and the world’s natural resources with no regard for the consequences for future generations. By organizing for workers control on the job, we can fight to be stewards of the land. We are for worker’s control of the development of nuclear power and other energy sources needed to bring much of the semi-colonial world out of darkness.
In Cuba, healthcare is a human right. This is because of the 1959 revolution, led by workers and farmers, that took power out of the hands of the capitalist ruling class. They built hospitals, trained doctors, and provided community centered access to the care that people need. We demand free cradle-to-grave healthcare. The working class must champion this fight, including access to family planning, contraception, and safe abortion, which is a precondition for women’s equality.
“Discrimination with respect to race… can only be wiped out through a socialist revolution, which eradicates the exploitation of man by man" Fidel Castro said in 1966. The Socialist Workers Party is for forging a working-class vanguard of all nationalities, religions, skin colors, and both sexes, that can develop the experience and confidence to chart a revolutionary course that can lead the toilers to take state power out of the hands of the propertied rulers and into the hands of the workers.
Campaign Website http://walzflanagan.org
Campaign Twitter Handle @@tim_walz
Campaign Email info@walzforgovernor.org
Campaign Mailing Address P.O. BOX 4337
ST. PAUL, MN 55104
We must build an economy that works for everyone, invest in children and families, and protect the health and safety of Minnesotans.

Through some of the most challenging years in memory, we’ve built a strong economy in Minnesota by investing in workers and small businesses. But with rising costs I’m fighting to give some of our historic budget surplus back by sending $2,000 checks to help families with gas and groceries.

We must protect Minnesotans’ health and safety by expanding health care and tackling crime and gun violence, ensuring every Minnesotan has access to a safe and affordable place to call home, and combating the climate crisis to protect our state for generations into the future.
We’ve put forward a proposal that would provide hundreds of millions of dollars in public safety aid to help improve public safety in cities, counties, and tribal communities across Minnesota. Though we are frustrated that partisan politics has stalled that proposal in the Legislature, we are going to keep pushing so that police departments can get the resources they need to keep Minnesotans safe. Our plan would also tackle violent crime across the state by funding advanced forensics and analytics, as well as forming a violent crime investigative partnership program.
Climate change poses an existential threat – not just to our environment, but to our health and communities. I’m committed to creating a carbon-free Minnesota and have fought to set Minnesota on a path toward 100% clean electricity by 2040. We’ve invested over $100 million in developing renewable energy sources, made Minnesota a regional leader on electric vehicles, and partnered with other Midwestern governors to build a new electric vehicle charging network throughout the region.
Every Minnesotan needs access to quality and affordable health care, including reproductive health care. That’s why I fought hard to preserve the funding for MinnesotaCare, despite Republican efforts to eliminate funding for the program that 1.2 million Minnesotans rely on. I have also fought to lower the cost of prescription drugs and I’m pushing for a MinnesotaCare buy-in that would allow any Minnesotan to purchase comprehensive, affordable health insurance.
Our administration made historic investments in education and is working to help close the achievement gap. We’re taking steps to decrease health disparities through enhanced asthma care, addressing the problem of lead in our schools and ensuring that new moms can stay on Medicaid for a full year after giving birth. We’re pushing for accountability in policing and tackling the root causes of disparities such as our affordable housing crisis, education inequality and access to mental health care.