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Minnesota Secretary of State

One of the office s main responsibilities is overseeing statewide elections and operating the statewide voter registration system. Another main responsibility involves the review, approval, and filings for all businesses and organizations operating in the state. The Secretary of State s office also processes notary public applications, preserves documents filed with the state, and administers the Safe at Home program.

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    Kim Crockett

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    Steve Simon

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What election issues do you believe will be most pressing over the next 4 years, and how will you address them? (500 characters)

Why do you think Minnesota has the highest voter turnout rate in the country, and what will you do to continue to grow that rate? (500 characters)

What measures do you support to improve free and fair elections so that everyone eligible participates, every vote is counted, and everyone’s voice is heard? (500 characters)

Campaign Website http://www.KimSOS.com
Campaign Twitter Handle @twitter.com/KimCrockettSOS
Campaign Email info@Kimsos.com
Campaign Mailing Address 545 2ND STREET #752
You only have one vote; it’s your most important civil right. I want you to feel confident that your vote counted. But look at our careless laws; unlike most of the country, we do not require Photo ID or provisional ballots. We have moved us away from voting locally to an insecure absentee system that emphasizes convenience over ballot security, without proper oversight. This undermines confidence and creates distrust. My background as a lawyer/policy expert are essential credentials. I will reach across the aisle to find common ground. The office should not be a partisan shop. I am not seeking office as a stepping stone; my goal is to calm things down in our beloved state by boosting voter confidence. It's time for a change.
1. Boost voter confidence by asking the legislature to enact laws that do a better job of protecting every legal vote (especially our most vulnerable voters) 2. Review the cybersecurity status of the Office, and the accuracy of the voter rolls (only legal votes count, protect voter and business data privacy). 3. Help our immigrant and small business owners navigate business filings so when it comes to managing their growth/workforce and paying taxes, owners are on solid ground.
We must stop fighting about “who won the election.” It is tearing us apart and making it hard to fix big problems. The best way to stop the division is to upgrade our election laws & security so we can all say, “That was fair, and I accept the outcome.” The biggest challenge is that common-sense measures that are widely accepted across the U.S., Europe and other democracies (e.g., Photo ID to vote) have been demonized by the media and the nation's elite. Let's come together and reject division.
We are both politically divided and civically minded; this motivates people to vote. It’s also very easy to vote; but many worry it’s too easy to cheat. Requiring photo ID will boost turnout. A major study by MIT found “…that notifying voters of the ID requirements did not negatively affect turnout, and certain messaging actually increased turnout by as much as 1.5 percentage points.” https://www.povertyactionlab.org/evaluation/effects-voter-id-notification-voter-turnout-united-states

Photo ID and a public education campaign to let voters know well in advance of the next election, so they are encouraged and ready (e.g., waive fees). Other priorities: protect vulnerable voters from exploitation; ban outside groups from funding election operations (e.g., Zuckerbucks); eliminate insecure drop boxes; reduce 46-day early voting to something more reasonable, require transparent absentee ballot boards, clean up voter rolls. Properly fund elections, our most important civic right!
Campaign Website http://stevesimonmn.com
Campaign Twitter Handle @@MNSteveSimon
Campaign Email tomgmelton@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address P.O. BOX 4217
My mission as Secretary of State has been to protect the freedom to vote for every eligible Minnesotan. I’ve been proud to do that work with fairness, impartiality, and integrity – leading to results that make Minnesota the envy of the nation. In 2020, despite the uncertainty and anxiety of a once-in-a-century pandemic, we led the nation in voter turnout for the third time in a row. That achievement is a vote of confidence in the honesty and security of our election system.
First, I will continue to protect the freedom to vote in Minnesota by pushing for even greater access for all eligible voters. Second, I will defend democracy against those who want to weaken voting rights by making voting unnecessarily harder. Third, I will push back against the dangerous and coordinated disinformation that threatens to undermine confidence in our election system.
The hardest short-term challenge will be continued disinformation about our elections. To combat it, we need to lead with the truth. And we need to be as transparent as possible about the true features of our election system, which trustworthiness. A more enduring challenge will be ensuring access to voting for all eligible voters. We can do that by enacting bipartisan legislative reforms - and redouble voter outreach efforts.
Two major factors explain our repeated success as the national voter participation champion: Good laws and a strong civic culture. We can improve our turnout rate by continuing to do what we know works. We should embrace legislative proposals that prize access for eligible voters. We should continue to reach out to eligible voters who are younger, disillusioned, and/or particularly burdened. We can and should persuade them about the power and value of voting.
I support legislation to improve access and accountability, including automatic voter registration, pre-registration for high school students, and restoration of the right to vote for those who have left prison behind. I also support dedicated federal funding for election security efforts, so that we never face the prospect of outside interference with our election infrastructure. Finally, I support continued and vigorous voter outreach efforts so that every eligible voter can vote.