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Minnesota State Auditor

The State Auditor s office oversees expenditures by local governments and performs audits of local government financial statements.

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    Julie Blaha

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    Tim Davis

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    Will Finn

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    Ryan Wilson

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What is your vision for how the State Auditor can best achieve its mission of being “Minnesota’s Financial Watchdog”? (500 characters)

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It’s an honor to serve as Minnesota’s financial watchdog — ensuring that taxpayers’ money goes where it's intended and holding those who misuse funds accountable. The ultimate reason for this oversight is to protect your freedom to make decisions in your own community.

Those closest to the community are the ones who should lead on solutions, and we need effective local government to do that. That’s why I’m a champion for local control, fiscal integrity, and the effectiveness of cities, school districts, townships and counties. I also protect our local decisions from being co-opted by those pushing a personal, political agenda.

I’m the candidate committed to empowering Minnesotans to lead and make their own decisions.
As Auditor, I protect Minnesota’s high standards of transparency and honesty, and ensure that Minnesotans know where their tax dollars go.

During the pandemic, my office responded to a major increase in oversight needs. Because I had stabilized our office, we were able to rise to this unprecedented occasion, and are positioned to further expand oversight.

In addition, I overhauled the Office's communications to share complex financial documents in plain language and increase access to data.
1. Hold those who spend taxpayers’ dollars to the highest level of fiscal integrity.

2. Protect Minnesotans freedom to make decisions in their own communities. With clear and accurate data, those who are closest to the community can lead on the solutions that are best for their neighbors.

3. Ensure Minnesota works for all of us — regardless of race, gender or zip code. We do this by protecting our work from those trying to misuse the office for their own personal, political agenda.
As a member of the Executive Council, the State Auditor offers a unique perspective focused on local and fiscal impacts of state decisions. An effective Auditor acts without political partisanship and provides an independent voice. In addition, because she tracks data on long term effects of government financial choices, the Auditor knows best practices for implementing Minnesotans’ ideas with integrity.

I’m proud of the data driven, practical, unbiased approach I’ve brought to the Council.
Campaign Website http://timdavis4suditor.com
Campaign Email timd4201@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 4154 Vincent Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55412
I am Independent of the two major Parties.
By bringing transparency and accountability to the people of Minnesota.
Honesty, Integrity, Accountability
BY keeping a check on the State's financial situation to help make sure the people's money is being properly spent.
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Campaign Website http://www.wilson4mn.com
Campaign Twitter Handle @@RyanWilsonMN
Campaign Email info@wilson4mn.com
I’ve spent my career building, leading and growing organizations professionally and on a volunteer basis in my community. I was the founder, CEO and president of a global clinical trial auditing company. The data we audited had to be accurate as the consequences were a matter of life and death. I’m also an attorney with a focus on constitutional litigation. In my legal career I’ve compelled government officials to produce data and answer tough questions, and I’ve defended the constitutional rights of individuals and the public at large. My business background and experience as a constitutional attorney has prepared me well to lead the Office of the State Auditor. I will bring those skills to the office to fight waste, fraud and abuse.
As State Auditor, I will modernize the office by using best practices and new technologies to identify fraud and waste. I will empower decision makers at all levels of government by implementing performance audits – which are common in other states but not utilized by the current State Auditor – to help officials evaluate not only whether their funds are accurately accounted for, but whether the programs that used those funds achieved their goals and were an effective use of tax dollars.
My top priority will be to bring accountability and transparency to school district finances and affairs - as I travel the state, the top concern of many Minnesotans is whether their schools are using tax dollars as intended. I will also prioritize ensuring accurate accounting for large infrastructure projects, such as the Metropolitan Council’s light rail project. Finally, as discussed above I will prioritize the use of performance audits in all levels of government to aid in decision making.
The State Auditor serves an essential role on the state’s Executive Council by representing Minnesota taxpayer interests, as well as being a resource for the Executive Council (Governor, Lt. Gov., Secretary of State, Attorney General) so it can arrive at the best decisions for all Minnesotans. But perhaps an equally essential aspect of serving on the Executive Council is bringing an independent voice and asking difficult questions to ensure the best possible deliberations occur, which I will do.