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Ramsey County Commissioner District 6

County commissioners are the county s key policymakers. They oversee the administration of the county, set county budget, and participate in county long-range planning. County services that they oversee include a wide variety of social service and welfare programs, as well as certain public health programs. Learn more about the day in the life of a county commissioner in this video from the Association of Minnesota Counties. (https://www.mncounties.org/meetings_and_education/day_in_the_life_of_a_minnesota_county_commissioner.php)

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    Ying Vang-Pao

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    Mai Chong Xiong

Información Biográfica

If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (750 characters)

What actions would you take, if any, to address affordability of housing in your county? (500 characters)

How would you ensure election laws do not create barriers to Minnesotans’ freedom to vote while also ensuring safe and secure elections? (500 characters)

What do you see as the biggest challenges to mental health and social services in your county, and how would you address them? (500 characters)

If there were to be budget cuts during your term, what are the most essential county services that you would advocate to preserve? (500 characters)

If elected, my top three priorities are to improve the economic growth of the county, promote environmental initiatives that help the sustainable urban development of the county, and promote public safety in collaboration with the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office. I have chosen these as my top priority because I have seen and experienced first hand as a resident and community volunteer the improvements that need to be made for our county.
The actions I would take as Ramsey County Commissioner to address affordability of housing in my county is to promote and advocate actions that ensure opportunities for more affordable housing at and below 30% of the Area Median Income. This effort would include working with non-profit housing organizations to provide resources that help those in need identify and apply to affordable housing.
Every U.S. Citizen has the right to vote. I am glad that we live in the State of Minnesota where we can register to vote on the same day. We should continue to protect this right and give more accessibility for future voters.
One of the biggest challenges I see to mental health and social services in my county is transparency about what resources are available and how to access them. The other big challenge to mental health and social services is some of the negative stigmas that others may feel when trying to utilize this resource from the county. I will address this issue by working to increase the workforce diversity at the county level so that we can better serve our diverse populations.

The most essential county services I would advocate to preserve are programs that help the most vulnerable populations and protect their access to programs such as senior care, medical assistance, affordable housing, and more so that they may be ensured the security to protect their mental health and wellness.
Campaign Website http://maichongxiong.org
Campaign Twitter Handle @MCXforthePeople
Campaign Email info@maichongxiong.org
Campaign Mailing Address P.O. BOX 600382
ST. PAUL, MN 55106
Affordable housing Environment Equitable access to county services

My values have been shaped powerfully by my lived experiences growing up in systemic poverty and trying to navigate the county social service systems for my family. We were treated as second-class citizens and faced housing instability despite my family’s hard work. My first job out of college paid $15/hour with no benefits, and I wasn’t eligible for Medicaid or MNCare because I made “too much.” Shortly after college, my dad died on a very frigid day outside due to an asthma attack. I’m clearer than ever that our climate crisis will continue to harm and kill working-class people if we do not act now.
Fully fund and push for low-interest loan programs that rehabilitate & repair homes and businesses to remove lead, improve energy efficiency, and install solar panels. And, build more deeply affordable housing at 30% of the area median income.
I organized against Voter ID in 2012 and have fought to rid our democracy of unfair barriers that limit citizens’ ability to exercise the basic right to vote. Helping a voter who has difficulty seeing or translating a ballot to a voter who speaks another language other than English should not be a crime. Voter suppression targets Black, Indigenous and People of color, women, LGBTQIA+ and disabled. As an organizer, I will continue to fight against voter suppression.
The biggest challenge to mental health is the stigma that community members face which then delays access for them. Microaggressions or structural racism contribute to mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress. I want to create a system that truly cares for its people, where it is trauma-informed, and ensures all people across race, class, gender, and age have access to mental health services.
I would preserve social services which include programs and care for seniors, and people with disabilities, support for youth, and financial assistance services to support residents who are trying to make ends meet or people who may have just left their domestic violent relationship. I would preserve public health which works on supporting women, infants and children, and dismantle racism which is a social determinant of health and a public health crisis.