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Benton County Auditor/Treasurer

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    Sean Gitch

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    Christine Scherbing

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If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (500 characters)

How is this office important to constituents, and provide details of any plans for improvement. (500 characters)

How would you manage the election process to ensure free, fair and safe elections? (500 characters)

How can the treasurer’s office maintain or improve transparency when working with taxpayer dollars? (500 characters)

Campaign Website http://electgitch.com
Campaign Twitter Handle @@ElectGitch
Campaign Email mail@gitchforauditor.com
Campaign Mailing Address P.O. box 296
I worked in the financial management career field for four years in the Air Force. A few of the many duties I performed are, processed financial transactions, performed audits and reviews, provided military pay and travel customer service, and performed complex pay computations. You can search the Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC 6F051) to learn more about financial management and comptroller duties. I have worked for Benton County for over 15 years. My past financial experience and the skills I have obtained as a law enforcement officer will benefit the auditor's office. I have established working relationships with other departments in the county. I believe these relationships will help ease the transition to the role of auditor.
Based on citizen and employee feedback, my top priorities will be improving customer service, integrity, and transparency in the auditor/treasurer's office. Residents can expect superior customer service. I will be available to the public and will take feedback and concerns seriously. Good working relationships between the auditor/treasurer's office and county departments are essential to smooth financial operations in the county.
In Air Force basic training, I learned integrity means doing the right thing when no one is looking. Integrity is crucial in law enforcement, and voters need to know the person overseeing elections and our finances in the county will perform the duties of auditor/treasurer with integrity. I will implement the three priorities I listed earlier if elected as the next auditor/treasurer of Benton County.

The auditor/treasurer should ensure compliance with election laws. As elections become more and more contested, it is necessary to have an auditor/treasurer who can objectively oversee elections with integrity. I will ensure knowledgeable and well-trained election judges provide a fair voting process. I will work quickly to identify and make needed changes.
The auditor/treasurer needs to openly communicate with residents, employees, county board, and the media. The auditor/treasurer should be willing and able to explain office operations. In order to trust there is a fair election process, there should be no unanswered questions about a candidate's current or previous eligibility to hold office or it will erode the trust the public has in the office.
As a lifetime resident of Benton County, I can bring commitment and loyalty to the table. Elected to the St. George Township board for over 10 years as clerk as well as head election judge has given me extra experience in the election process. Having owned and operated my own business in Benton County allows me to relate to other business owners. Employed by the Auditor-Treasurer office during the 2020 Presidential election gave me exposure to a controversial election during a pandemic.
To ensure election accuracy and transparency. To improve relations with all county officials. To preserve the integrity of Benton County.
This office is very important to constituents because it touches many parts of their lives. Whether it be paying property taxes, getting a new license or renewing vehicle tabs. But most importantly election integrity.
Citizens deserve to trust the election process. Elections need to be transparent, there should be nothing to hide. Having well trained and accountable voter registration judges is where it all beings, to ensure we have citizens who are eligible to vote.
Taxpayers dollars should always be transparent. Transparency builds trust between the county and its constituents.