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Winona County Auditor/Treasurer

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    John A. Eger

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    Chelsi Wilbright (Nahrgang)

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I have 20+ years’ experience in management, customer service and training. I have experience running small and large departments with 3 to 15 direct reports, as well as experience managing and training for medium and large marketing campaigns. I’ve been an adjunct professor of sales and marketing at Minnesota State College SE, worked as a substitute teacher for District 861 for 4 years, and served as a training instructor for 3 of the companies I’ve worked for in the past. I studied Political Science and English at WSU, and I will complete a master’s degree in Education Leadership in the fall of 2022. I will provide the leadership, support and staff development required to keep the team I lead prepared to serve the people of Winona County.
Election security, customer service, and staff training and development are my top priorities. Annual review of equipment and procedures, along with purging and verifying current voter rolls. Citizen involvement in and transparency of elections will be critical and no one from the A-T's office will be allowed to serve as an EJ or on the election board. Improve customer by increasing the use of technology. People are our greatest asset; training and development are vital for future success!
This is the one of the most important elected positions in Winona County. The person with this job is responsible for elections, tax collection and running the Department of Motor Vehicles. Our personnel are Winona County’s greatest asset. I will tap into their knowledge by asking them for their ideas and suggestions to improve. At the same time, I’ll ask for Winona County citizen input and review, especially regarding access to our online services and other department functions.
For due diligence, I will review the work done by the previous A/T on voting machines, poll pads and process. I would like to involve the voters of Winona County by requesting citizen voters from both parties get involved in this review for added transparency. Based upon the findings of the review and the recommendations of our fellow citizens, changes may be made to the system if they are warranted. All options will be studied. Of course all state law will be obeyed.
Opportunities for improvement and cost savings will be implemented. This will be an annual task. In every management position I’ve had, costs were cut, and service was improved. Transparency is improved through communication and citizen involvement. I will inquire as to the feasibility of citizen involvement where confidential information is not at risk. Experience counts. I have the management and training experience to get the job done. In this job, experience matters. Experience counts
Campaign Email chelsiforat@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 8580 N BROADWAY ST
WINONA, MN 55987
As Deputy Auditor-Treasurer, I have experience with the various responsibilities of the position including but not limited to: property tax calculation, collection and disbursement; administering elections; processing land transfers/splits; bank balancing & investing. I hold a Bachelor’s in Finance from Winona State University & have attained certification with the State of Minnesota for Property Tax Calculation. I take the election process seriously and have experience serving on the ballot board and as an election judge. Being an Air Force Veteran, I have gained skills in managing people and tasks effectively. As a lifelong resident, I look forward to serving the people of Winona County!
o Voter confidence is a big priority. I will explore better ways to educate voters on election procedures & ensure the office continues to be available for voter questions & information requests. o Winona County will be updating its Tax/CAMA software soon. I will work closely with other department heads & subject matter experts to ensure the smoothest transition possible. o I value continuous improvement; I will seek out ways to improve our processes, ease of collaboration & customer experience.
The A/T office calculates, collects and distributes property tax funds. These taxes pay for the majority of city/twp, school district & county services. The A/T’s office is also responsible for overseeing the DMV, managing the county’s bank records/investments & administering elections. I will continue to be available to the residents & municipal clerks for questions/suggestions. Through collaboration, we find ways to improve processes and better serve our community.
There are election laws and procedures in place that ensure free, fair & safe elections. We provide training for election judges and are available for any and all questions judges and voters have. We are in regular contact with the Secretary of State’s office to stay up to date and ensure we are adhering to all election laws procedures.
The county’s revenues and expenditures are available to view by the public through the county’s website. The Auditor-Treasurer’s office works alongside of the Finance Department to ensure checks and balances when managing funds and ensuring transparency.