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St. Louis County Sheriff

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    Jason Lukovsky

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    Gordon Ramsay

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Campaign Website http://www.voteramsay.com
Campaign Twitter Handle @https://twitter.com/chieframsay
Campaign Email electramsay@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address PO BOX 3236
DULUTH, MN 55803
I have been at the table of community involvement for decades and did not just show up last year. My professional experience includes investigating or overseeing hundreds of homicide investigations, kidnappings and other serious crime. When serious crime happens you want the leader with the most experience overseeing matters. We reduced serious crime 14% when I was police chief in Duluth while building strong relationships with community groups such as the NAACP and the Indigenous Commission. Our community policing efforts gained national recognition and relationships with our neighborhood groups were strong. Additionally I was an early adopter of body worn cameras at two departments. Lastly, I bring people together and do not divide.
1. Crime has increased and we need to reduce it. Covid has closed jails, created backlogs stifled accountability, and left victims without justice. We need to work with other law enforcement and strongly focus on drug enforcement.2. Build strong relationships with communities, other public safety agencies, and look for opportunities to work together 3. Ensure proper wages and benefits amongst staff, create a strong employee wellness program, and build a solid recruiting and retention program

Crime, disorder & illegal drug use is on the increase & more needs to be done to stop it. The Sheriff's Office ban on police officers jailing misdemeanor arrests & the secret practice of voiding misdemeanor warrants needs to end immediately. 2. We are overly relying on the criminal justice system to address mental health & chemical dependency issues & I will continue to focus on decoupling the criminal justice system. 3.We are at critically low staffing levels. Strategic action is needed.
Publicly accessible crime mapping, post all policies on-line, fully implement body worn cameras with best practices in mind, be accessible and visible in our communities, seek community feedback and input on new technology and policies, when a Sheriff employee is suspected of a crime we will request another law enforcement agency investigate, we will work with the public and community groups to ensure we are providing data and work together for the betterment of our County.
I don’t fit in any one leadership category and am always evolving and learning. I am not a leader that likes to sit behind a desk; I have a strong love of community service. I have served on many community boards and like to give back to the communities where I live. I think the old adage “the best predictor of the future is the past.” I lead from the trenches leading and bring staff and communities together to make a positive impact with crime, drugs, mental health and chemical dependency.