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Mcleod County Attorney

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    Ryan Hansch

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    Amy Olson Wehseler

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If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (750 characters)

How has your career prepared you for this role? (500 characters)

What do you see as the biggest challenges to your office, and how would you address them? (500 characters)

How would you work for racial equity in the justice system? (500 characters)

How would you manage conflict within your office, and earn the public’s trust? (500 characters)

My top priority will be Public Safety. Our residents deserve to feel safe in their homes, workplaces, schools, and communities. Public safety means being tough on violent crime and having a comprehensive plan to tackle issues like chemical dependency and mental health that often intersect with our justice system. My second priority will be Open Communication and Coalitions. I will utilize open communication and build collations. This means working together with law enforcement, citizens, and other community justice partners. I will hold regular forums for the community to provide information and receive public input. My third priority will be to Protect Taxpayers and Crime Victims by ensuring our limited resources are put to their best use.
I am currently the Criminal Division Chief of the Blue Earth County Attorney’s Office in Mankato, MN. I have proven leadership experience managing a team of attorneys and staff. I am responsible for prosecuting the county’s most serious crimes, including numerous murder and child abuse cases. I’ve worked in all areas of a county attorney’s office during my time in the counties of Blue Earth, Redwood, and Winona. Born and raised in McLeod County, I am ready to bring this experience back home.
The challenges include improving strained relationships with local law enforcement, cities, and community organizations. I will work together collaboratively with these groups in partnership to address real challenges facing our community, including substance abuse and mental health. I will also work to improve the relationship between community justice partners and citizens to promote mutual trust and respect.
As McLeod County Attorney, I will work to ensure justice for all, regardless of background or race. This includes engaging community justice partners to work on solutions to those with substance abuse or mental health disorders. Finally, I will practice transparency and be accessible to the public. The public has a right to be informed and a right to be heard. As County Attorney, I will be accessible every resident of McLeod County.
Earning the public’s trust starts by operating with character and integrity. Anything less should not be tolerated. Instances of internal conflict should be rare because those working for the office will be expected to be dedicated to public service and team players. Attorneys and staff would be expected to treat others with dignity and respect. If a conflict arises, steps would be taken to identify the source of the conflict and a plan would be made to find a solution.
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Hutchinson, MN 55350
My highest priority will always be public safety. I will ensure continued zealous and effective prosecution. As County Attorney, I will strongly advocate for a return to more accountability / punishment in the sentences that offenders receive from the Courts. The second priority is to ensure the McLeod County Attorney's Office has open communication, collaboration and positive relationships with all system stakeholders. This is absolutely essential. Ensuring these things will improve system effectiveness in all areas. My third priority is to ensure the McLeod County Attorney's Office is run responsibly. I take very seriously the responsibilities of the office, including financial, and the trust the community will place in me if elected.
I am called to public service. I have worked in the McLeod County Attorney's Office for 23 years as an Assistant County Attorney. I care about our community and the staff in the County Attorney's Office. I have developed positive relationships with stakeholders systemwide. It is essential for the incoming County Attorney to have established experience and positive relationships within our local justice system to be most effective. I also have a wide background of legal experience.
The increasing severity of chemical dependency and mental illness in our local communities, and how our local justice system will effectively respond is our biggest challenge. I am open to considering any alternative programming options that demonstrate evidence based success. However, this decision cannot be made by the County Attorney alone, and I will promote the needed collaboration with many other system stakeholders, including Judges, defense attorneys, probation, and law enforcement.
I have two internationally adopted children, and we therefore have a biracial family, so this issue is of personal importance to me. It is absolutely essential that all those in the government ensure fairness to all parties, including both criminal defendants and victims. We need to ensure that similar crimes are treated consistently, across all races and socioeconomic backgrounds. Also, treating all persons with dignity and respect at all times is essential.
Effective and trusted leadership is best accomplished by setting a good example and developing positive and trusting relationships. I will set a good example at all times by promoting hard work and a positive attitude toward public service. I will have positive and open relationships with staff. Conflict will be managed on a timely basis, addressing the issues directly, and with respect. If intervention does not work, a progressive discipline plan will be initiated and followed.