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Hennepin County Park Commissioner District 4

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    Michael St. John

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    Louise M. Segreto

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If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (500 characters)

How is this office important to constituents? Please provide details of any plans for improvement. (500 characters)

If elected, how will you balance competing interests, such as your own values and opinions, input from park staff and fellow board members, and diverse views from the community? (500 characters)

How would you ensure that all of our County facilities and parks are accessible to all members of our community? (500 characters)

I have thirty ones years of experience working for the Three Rivers Parks District, retiring as a Park Police Investigator. Elected officials need to represent the people they serve. I'm not a politician or lawyer, just a working class guy, like most people in District 4. I want to bring common sense decision making to Board meetings. I thought about running for Commissioner for the Three Rivers Park District for a long time. Working for the Park District for more than thirty years taught me that people need to be involved. I hope to be more than involved. I want to ensure that the Three Rivers Park District is Accountable, Fiscally Competent and Transparent. We need strong leaders so the Park District can thrive for generations to come.
Accountable Be responsive. Ensure employees work. Example: no managers coming to work at 9. leaving at 2; with an hour for lunch. Fiscal Competence I'm confident that most voters don't know the Three Rivers Park District has a budget of 46 million dollars. The voters need to know where the budget dollars are being spent. Transaprency Most government agencies have a video record of their public meetings. So the public can see what is happening, I'll push for video recording of board meetings.
Strong policy makers that make decisions that are best for the Park District. I have no specific plans for improvement at this time. Any new amenities or programs should be recommended by park users, tax payers or Park District staff and approved by the Board of Commissioners not the other way around. The Park District is very good at services they provide. It can do better by focusing on what is working well, and if there are services that don't work they should be discontinued.
Let me start of by saying that as a commissioner I will take input from constituents into account for matters that come before that board.

As a former police officer I'm experienced at working with people that have different views. In the end you try to come to resolutions that everyone can live with.
The Three Rivers Park District must overcome the lack of awareness, lack of trust and inaccessible technology that keeps people from knowing about the Park District in general as well as the budget and policy decisions being made.
Campaign Website http://www.Louisesegreto.com
Campaign Email lmsegreto@msn.com
Campaign Mailing Address 6720 INDIAN HILLS ROAD
EDINA, MN 55439
I am running for Three Rivers Commissioner to continue helping people connect with the outdoors and enjoy the benefits of being in nature. I am an avid outdoors woman, Master Naturalist and have a solid background in natural resources and environmental science. I have spent many years both professionally and as a volunteer sharing my enthusiasm for respecting our relationships to the natural world. I will bring my many years of practical experience and proven forward-thinking leadership to successfully connect people with the outdoors. Through responsible stewardship, we can and must sustain the quality parks, trails and natural areas 13 million visitors have come to expect and also for future generations. That is my commitment to you.
My top priorities are (1) continued environmental stewardship to maintain the ecological health of the natural habitat for both people and wildlife (2) expanded community outreach and partnerships to connect more people with the outdoors through environmental learning, outdoor recreation and conservation, and (3) responsible financial management so visitors and taxpayers receive good value for the services thy have come to expect. These priorities are detailed on my website: Louisesegreto.com
Constituents expect strong representation in decisions affecting their quality of life, and Three Rivers is an important factor with its 27,000 acres of parks, trails and natural areas. My many years of experience in public, private and nonprofit organizations will help maintain continued excellence in management, facilities and programming during these challenging economic times. I also plan to help develop short and long-term resiliency strategies to address the effects of climate change.
Three Rivers' 13 million annual visitors represent a wide range of recreational and programming interests which poses challenges for balancing competing stakeholders. I will always actively listen and do my best to help reach creative compromises. My prior experience as an attorney with mediation training will be an asset to finding pragmatic solutions. And, my prior board experience, including service on the Edina Park Commission, will be valuable to help navigate potential conflicts.
Three Rivers can expand efforts it has already made to ensure its parks, trails, facilities, recreation and educational programs are affordable, accessible, safe and welcoming to everyone they serve and can serve better. I will draw on my experience with nonprofits to identify ways to bridge barriers that are possible obstacles. I have found community partnerships can help successfully address equity and diversity issues, and also think it's important to establish metrics to track progress.