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Nobles County Soil and Water Supervisor District 5

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    Paul W. Langseth

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Campaign Mailing Address 35505 280TH ST.
I have served as an Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) supervisor for over 20 years. I am a team player. At the SWCD that team includes the 5 supervisors and our staff. I listen to issues and then make informed decisions based on the data presented. We help put thousands of state and federal dollars to work in our community. I have experience working with many of our partners, including state agencies, regional organizations, county boards and local groups and individuals. I have a keen interest is seeing educated conservation on the land in our county.
1. Maintain and hire competent staff. Staff are the face, hands and feet of the SWCD. They interact with the landowners to bring conservation practices to our land. 2. Continue the good communication with our partners. You cannot be heard if you are not at the table. We need to attend relevant meetings, either in person or electronically to add our input or receive input for decisions that are made. 3. Continue to support the 1 Watershed, 1 Plan (1W1P) concept of water planning.
The SWCD provides the "boots on the ground" for conservation programs in the agricultural portion of Minnesota. We help funnel thousands of federal and state dollars to qualifying landowners here in Nobles County. We help keep the water cleaner and the dirt in the field.
We will continue to see more weather incidents. Whether these be 500 year rain events or warmer winters and summers. Our programs must be adaptable to help our ag community continue to provide food resources to the world.