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Blaine Council Member Ward 3

A council member serves on the city council. The city council makes any decisions on behalf of the city. This includes authorizing spending and adopting local laws. They oversee all city activities, including city services, programs, licensing, public safety, and more.

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    Terra Fleming

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    Al Goracke

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I have raised my children here and I have had a very successful Chiropractic business since 2000. I am passionate about Blaine. What sets me apart is the skills that I have as a Chiropractor. I have to be a great listener, I have to be able to ask the right questions and I have to be a great problem solver in order to be a successful doctor for my patients. I am a quick learner and bottom line, I really want to be a voice for the residents of Blaine and have their best interests at heart.
Before campaigning, I went out and spoke with many residents in Ward 3 to discuss their concerns. 1. I would work on slowing down the residential growth of Blaine. I am in favor of developing a downtown and incentivizing high end shops, grocery stores and restaurants to the area. 2. Making sure that our streets are safe, which means supporting and funding our police where needed. 3. I do not support a city wide sales tax and I want to keep our taxes as low as possible.
First of all, I will ensure that we have enough police officers on staff so that all areas of Blaine can be assured of police presence. Second, I would meet with the Blaine Police Chief to discuss things that could be implemented within the community that could promote greater public safety and help implement that. I would also take into account, the voices of the people of what is lacking in their neighborhoods and fully address that.
I’m a 31-year resident of Blaine and I love this city. I have served 14 years on the Planning Commission (of which I am the Chair) and 12 years on the Charter Commission. I was a chaplain for the SBM Fire Department and Blaine Police Department for 5 years. I have owned a for-profit business in Blaine (I created 300 jobs during that time), and I am the Founder and volunteer CEO of one of the largest food shelves in Minnesota- located in Blaine (Hope For The Community). We serve 2800 Blaine residents 32,000lbs + of groceries each week. I care about people.

I serve as the pastor at Hope Church (since 2000) in Blaine. I possess Business degrees and a Doctorate from Bethel University.

I am ready to serve Blaine at a "high level" on Day 1!
Highway 65 Estimates predict that it will take $160 million to redevelop 65 in a strategic and safe way. I believe the city can benefit from my expertise as an entrepreneur and as a resourcing specialist to get the resources to fix Highway 65!

Innovative Economic Development- With “65” redeveloped, we will be the destination place for businesses. We will be able to be more selective and creative in our future development. Community- As we grow larger as a city, we need to stay more informed.
We have 76 “sworn staff” for the Blaine Police Department with 45 officers on patrol. We have a well-staffed department that has kept us safe. The current council has made a commitment to fully fund the needs of the police force for the future. I would be in full agreement with them. As a chaplain, I have been on many “ride alongs” with our officers and know that our police force is “second to none”. We need to support the police and fund them completely. Public safety will remain a priority!