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Brooklyn Park City Council Member Ward C

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    Nichole Klonowski

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    Teshite Wako

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Brooklyn Park holds a special place in my heart. It’s where my grandparents laid down their roots in the 1950s and raised their family. Now I’m a young grandmother with my grandchildren living here in Brooklyn Park. I am not a politician, I am a believer in public service. Brooklyn Park is a one-of-a kind city, a wonderful place to live, and is growing. I'm running for City Council to use my skills and experience to ensure we work together in building our future. I also believe that women need to be represented in all levels of government, and lead.

This seat isn’t about me, it’s about listening to residents, business owners, and school districts in our city to be their voice.
Safety takes the entire community coming together. Brooklyn Park has commitments to address safety through community and city partnerships.

Mental Health access couldn’t be more important than right now. As a community, we can continue to support our local resources, and grow our programs focused on youth to promote social well being and connectedness.

Equity- we are a growing, diverse and vibrant city. We need to do our best to ensure that equity and opportunity are available for everyone.
The police can’t be alone in the work of public safety. It takes all of us getting to know our neighbors and look out for one another. I support the non-profit partners stepping up to address safety, such as MN Act Now and A Mother’s love. Brooklyn Park stepped up after the murder of George Floyd and hired Wilder Research. A report was provided that helped uncover the causes of violence, understand community perceptions of the police, and created research-based recommendations to improve safety.
As the DFL and Labor endorsed candidate in the Central District, I’m running for City Council because I believe in a better Brooklyn Park for all of us. Everyone in our community deserves to feel safe in our city and supported by its resources. I have lived in Brooklyn Park for twenty years, and I’ve been deeply involved in community development projects — including the Brooklyn Park Budget Advisory Commission since 2016, where I currently serve as the Vice Chair. I want to use my strengths and background to help grow our local economy, support our small businesses, improve our streets and schools, and keep our community safe.
My top priorities are, public safety because an effective and equitable public safety system in Brooklyn Park means a comprehensive network of responders and resources that reflect the community’s diversity and address the community’s needs. Second, providing strategic leadership to guide our economic policy to support our local businesses, and third, safe, liveable and affordable housing to meet the needs of our families in Brooklyn Park.
Everyone deserves to feel safe in Brooklyn Park, whether they live here or come here for work. Public safety and support for effective policing must be a top priority for our city. At the same time, we need transparent, accountable, and community-oriented law enforcement. Officers, leadership and staff need to be able to work together with all our residents, and honor the pledge to ``protect and serve`` all people safely.