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Coon Rapids Council Member Ward 3

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    Pablo Hernandez Jr

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    Sean Novack

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We will be celebrating our 20th year living in Coon Rapids with my Family and the biggest takeaway is that we chose to live in Coon Rapids and plan to live the remainder of our lives here where we call home. My time and efforts has always been focused on my family Brenda my wife of 20 years and especially my 3 children Vivian 18, Emma 9, and Oscar 3. Brenda and I built a strong foundation for our children to succeed and grow into respectful human beings. When I was appointed Ward 3 Councilmember 11/3/21 it was all new to me, but I knew exactly what I want out of this. Build a strong foundation and relationship with residents of ward 3 to work together and know that my door is always open to talk with concerns or just to chat.
1. Continued support of Public safety: In order to keep our residents safe we need to give our officers, fire, ems, the tools for them to succeed. Keep showing our support for them! 2. Parks & Trails: Keep Improving and expanding our parks and trail systems to complement our growing communities. 3. Youth & Seniors: I would like to like to see year round programs sports, arts, theater, crafts for both youth and seniors. Maybe workshops for teenagers at our public works department for employment.
Work hand in hand with not only the CRPD & CRFD but involve groups like the multi-cultural advisory committee as well. Involvement and presence is a key factor to success in any situation. Education for our residents plays a big role as well and work shops maybe every quarter could be beneficial and change the way of thinking and lead our community to be a safer place. I always live by: "If you see something, Do something"
My combination of long-time residency, experience in the community and government, and having to see things from a business perspective make me uniquely qualified as a candidate to represent the community. I grew up in Coon Rapids and graduated in 1989. My parents were active in the community and passed that duty on to me when they died in 2004. We are very invested here as my wife Cheryl and I have lived here for 19 years, raised our two children here, and worked with several community organizations. I was also a member of the Safety Commission for 8 years and am not only a resident of Ward 3, I have been a business owner in the Ward for 5 years. I am currently the Treasurer on the Executive Board of the Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce.
Following the Charter and providing a well-balanced, responsive, but limited government. Too often we hear complaints from citizens and businesses that the Council is standing in their way with unnecessary red tape and high taxes and fees. This must change. As the son of a cop, a Safety Commissioner, and after years of local, state, and national Security work I understand what needs to be done to keep crime down and will work closely with CRPD to ensure they have the resources they need.
Public Safety is a partnership between the Police, Fire, EMS, and the citizenry. In order to make this work there has to be outreach between all 4 groups so that they are all comfortable with one another. The best place to start is to ensure that the citizens understand how each of the first responders operate, so I would use the same tools already in place for youth organizations I’ve been involved in such as the Boy Scouts to provide tours and seminars for neighborhoods.