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Ramsey Council Member Ward 1

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    Milene (Mickey) Adams

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    Michael Olson

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Campaign Mailing Address 15313 Tungsten St NW
Ramsey, MN 55303
I am Milene (Mickey) Adams My friends call me Mickey I’M ASKING FOR YOUR VOTE! Ramsey City Council Ward 1

My husband Wayne and I have been residents of Ramsey since 1993 We have six children, eleven grandchildren and soon to be thirteen greats.

Small Business co-owner 25 years Former member MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce Voted Small Business of the Year Former member Anoka Area Chamber o Commerce Served on Board of Directors for four years Awarded the "President's Award"

I am not a political person and will not follow any party line. I stand for building a stronger community and solving problems with common-sense government.
1. Build our tax base to fix roads and lower taxes. Make Ramsey a desirable place to live, play and raise a family and do business. 2, Listen to all members of our community by working together to solve issues together. This community belongs to all of us. I think it is important to also create a non-toxic work environment for our city employees who are the gears of this organization. 3. Improve our image! Get rid of "Ramtucky" through better communication and example.
Create a better police/community relationship through respect, communication and cooperation. The police are our friends. Promote "National Night Out" for neighbors to gather and get to know each other and discuss concerns with invited ward representatives and have fun doing it. Revive the "Neighborhood watch" program. Start a "keep the porch light on" effort to help ward off problems.
A 15 year resident, I currently chair Ramsey's Economic Development Authority (EDA). Running for Mayor in 2020 I have had many conversations with residents, gaining an understanding of their core concerns. Raised in a conservative Christian home, I carry these values with me always. I am able to lean on this rich personal history and strive to make decisions which conserve resources and utilize them for the best possible outcome. My leadership style is diplomatic, not argumentative, while still holding to my beliefs. We face many challenges which are the result of turning away from our country's founding values. We need to return our focus to building strong families and good neighborhoods. I humbly ask for your vote in the Aug 9 Primary.
Roads - The current council has taken important steps to fund road repair but we need to do more. Safety - I believe in law and order and fully support law enforcement. Police need to be respected, not defunded. Community - "It takes a village", an old saying regarding raising children was true then and still is today. We need to do things to encourage neighbors to get together and support each other. Events like Night to Unite and concerts at the Draw are great community builders.
We have hosted the Night to Unite events in our neighborhood for the last 6 years. As a councilmember I would want to attend as many of these events as possible and encourage the neighbors there to connect more. People are more likely to watch out for others they know than for strangers - it is human nature. Making opportunities for gatherings like these and encouraging a feeling of tight community will make a safer environment and lead to stronger relationships.