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Red Wing Council Member Ward 4

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    Vicki Jo Lambert

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    Ted Seifert

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Why are you the best candidate for this position? (750 characters)

If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (500 characters)

How will you work with your community to promote public safety in our neighborhoods? (500 characters)

I am the best candidate because I believe in a collaborative democracy based on active listening, compassionate leadership, strong partnerships, responsible stewardship, and compromise. Active, unbiased listening requires patience and curiosity. I have both which enables me to seriously learn about all sides and provide solid well informed leadership.

I have BA, MS, and post-graduate certificates. I have experience in SCHOOLS, including our own ISD 256; CORRECTIONS, including our own MCF-RW; NON-PROFITS, including our own Y and Hope Coalition; and a variety of other experiences which uniquely positions me to collaborate fully and equitably with our community and council colleagues.
1- Listen to my neighbors. Often, people feel unheard. I commit to listening to the citizens of Red Wing, learning answers to questions & communicating outcomes. 2- Strengthen existing and develop new partnerships and projects to help move the city forward stressing eco-sustainability. I will work to continue growth and stay competitive while being fiscally responsible & energy efficient. 3- Affordable, safe housing. I will work to expand opportunities for a multi-faceted approach to meet needs.
I will work toward building relationships with officers and citizens with community events like Night to Unite. Increasing trauma responsiveness will improve public safety. I will work with our police force toward enhancing public safety by lifting our awareness of drug and alcohol abuse. 13% of the violations in Red Wing list drugs or alcohol as the primary offense in 2021. Cases where it is a contributing factor not included. Also, many calls are for victims of the opioid epidemic (overdoses).
Campaign Email teds@hiawathamedical.com
Campaign Mailing Address 521 17TH ST
RED WING, MN 55066
I will bring a political and philosophical balance that is lacking on the current Council.

The Council must have spending discipline to reduce property tax, if we are to have a sustainable city government. I have a proven record of budget reductions as a County Board Commissioner. I am well acquainted with the neighborhoods as I was honored to represent the 4th Ward as their County Commissioner for 14 years.

I come with an understanding of the real world of political dynamics while serving with other elected officers. I will use that experience to move on issues that really matter to our families and produce real benefit for seniors and children alike.

I can dedicate significant time to the Council job. I am self employed.
1. Public Safety including Schools. Safety, security and emergency response is the first responsibility of every government that is accountable to it's citizens.

2. Expansion of small business and jobs by reduction of tax and regulations. Small business has contracted in the covid lockdown and has the greatest potential for a rapid recovery.

3. Mitigating the adverse social, emotional and physical effects that still linger for many citizens as a result of the covid lockdown and mandates.
As a Councilman, I will work to restore our citizens trust and confidence in our local police officers. Every citizen should feel safe when in the presence of a policeman, even if you are being arrested for something you did or did not do.

This effort rests on training, equipment and leadership. The members of the Police Department need to trust that when they are acting within training and policy guidelines, they will have the full backing of the Department, the Administration and the Council