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Rochester Council Member District 3

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    Vangie Castro

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    Norman Wahl

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I’ve worked locally and statewide to address policies that disproportionately affect the most marginalized. My years in non-profit work, and education in public administration have perfectly positioned me to represent the residents in Ward 3 as a Council member. And I love this city and the people who live here.

I believe public service is about serving the public and providing the best services that will ensure residents can thrive. That means focusing on high quality customer service. Which means listening and hearing the needs of every resident in Rochester especially understanding their are different and specific needs for residents in Ward 3.
1. Affordable, accessible, and mixed-income housing – Ward 3/NW Rochester is growing with both single-family housing and multi-unit apartments. 2. Diversifying the current leadership – on Boards & Commissions and creating more inclusive spaces 3. City budget – Ensuring financing that enable strong fiscal health; increasing revenues in a way that doesn’t disproportionately impact low-income families; and incorporating an equity analysis into major budget decisions, including cuts.
Ensuring that community members have all the necessary basic needs are covered, so then they can focus on investing in their communities. Through reinvestments in neighborhoods outside of the downtown area. Safer communities are communities were neighbors know each other and care about each other. That means that city leaders have to be transparent, accessible, and open to criticism in order to provide the needed services to their Ward. We also must address what a living wage is in Rochester.
My entire career has been spent in serving others from a position of leadership. I work well with people over a wide spectrum of opinions, drawing large numbers together towards achievable goals. We see stalemates too often as people refuse to listen to each other or respect the opinions of others. Even in disagreement, I pledge to honor different views. Being semi-retired, I will have the ability to respond to the concerns of ward members and others—council work will be my first responsibility. I have been a part of SE MN most of life and a resident of Rochester for 26 years. I have been active in church, business, sports, theatre, music, and all that Rochester has to offer.
With my commitment to serving others, this is an opportunity to be a liaison for the people of Rochester and Ward 3 with the city. I will be an advocate for others in a complex system. While having many resources, Rochester faces limits on what may be accomplished with tax dollars—a concern for businesses and individuals. Safety is a chief concern for the people of Rochester and is necessary for people to thrive in their homes, businesses, schools, and places of recreation.
I will seek out and establish good relationships with those who provide safety in our community (such as police and fire). I am and will be an active presence in the city—one who experiences the care that our city affords its citizens. I will be attentive to those factors that invite lack of security, and will help to maintain a community that is welcoming in its housing, businesses, and downtown. I will encourage community development that will help us thrive as a community.