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ISD #535 School Board Member Position 6

School board members oversee the care, management, and control of schools. This includes hiring, firing, and overseeing superintendents, who manage the day-to-day affairs of the district. They also set levies to fund the district and create school policies.

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    Cathy Nathan

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    Elena Niehoff

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If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (500 characters)

How will you work with staff and teachers to promote safety in our schools? (500 characters)

Campaign Website http://www.cathynathan.com
Campaign Twitter Handle @@cathynathansb
Campaign Email cathy@cathynathan.com
Campaign Mailing Address P.O. Box 9082
I bring over 30 years of advocacy, family engagement, & policy analysis experience to the School Board. In my first term, I established a strong record of using stakeholder feedback to determine and support appropriate strategies and resources. I persisted in asking tough questions to monitor expenditure budgets and requesting program evaluations. I led policy development to address current school operations.

I am running for my second term to continue the work I have studiously dedicated myself to. I will continue to use my voice to champion schools where all students feel safe and welcome and all educators and families feel respected and supported, and my vote to back up my words with actions and resources for long term student success.
1)Accelerate implementation of the Strategic Plan and School Climate and Safety plans, provide adequate financial resources for full implementation, and monitor impacts. 2)Partner with the Superintendent to restore transparent, two-way communication between the District and the community. 3)Stand for policies and programs that ensure students feel safe, welcomed and that they belong in their school community; respect educators and families; provide resources that meet identified student needs.
I will support implementation of the School Climate and Safety Plans this school year. These plans reflect feedback from students, families and educators who told us that safe schools: ▶Respect and welcome all students and families ▶Provide mental health and social-emotional resources ▶Address behavior that disrupts learning. We must consult with students, families and educators and continuously monitor and evaluate implementation to determine if the plans are improving school safety.
I am a wife, mother, and grandmother who loves family and this beautiful country. I immigrated with my family from Ukraine to the United States and became a citizen of this great country. I feel this experience has given me a unique perspective on how great this country really is. For those people who have never experienced socialism, let me assure you that socialism is not about getting a lot of free stuff from the government. Instead it seeks to remove God from society and remove God given rights from the people. America gave me the opportunity to realize my dreams. I earned a Bachelor Degree in Nursing through Winona State University. I am a certified Public Health Nurse. During my career I worked with children in health care.
I am concerned that students ‘academic achievements are below expectations. I believe academic achievement is suffering partly because leadership is over focused on controversial political ideologies to the detriment of basic academics like mathematics, reading and writing. Another passion of mine is to restore discipline in classrooms. Third, I support parental rights and transparency over curriculum and extracurricular activities in the schools which is guaranteed by Minnesota Constitution.
I advocate to revise policies which will provide equal discipline measures for all students regardless of race instead of having a statistically balanced disciplinary system, according to race. Teachers needs tools to maintain discipline in classrooms. I would advocate to improve parental involvement. Kids always do better when parents are involved. I propose to hire more resource officers.