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Roseville City Mayor

The role of city mayor can vary from city to city. However, the mayor is usually the head of the city and may represent the city in front of other government bodies. A mayor also usually has a role in proposing a city budget that is approved by the city council. The budget influences the services the city provides to its residents. Mayors sometimes are voting members of city council, and in some cities the mayor is in charge of city council meetings.

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    Dan Roe

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    Julie Marie Strahan

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Campaign Website http://www.roe4roseville.org
Campaign Twitter Handle @@MayorDanRoe
Campaign Email roe4roseville@comcast.net
Campaign Mailing Address 2100 Avon St N
Roseville, MN 55113
I believe that as mayor I have demonstrated the ability to listen and adapt in order to make better decisions for the community. I am engaged in the work of serving, and always come into discussions fully prepared, while always approaching new challenges with creativity and an open mind. Whether leading council meetings or participating in community discussions, my objective is always to be sure all voices are heard, and that all participants feel that they have been an important part of the process. I have led innovations including expanded and earlier notification to neighbors about development projects, looking out 20 years for infrastructure planning and funding, and assuring that code enforcement is both fair and effective.
My top priority has been and will continue to be that we as a city government are proactive in addressing the challenges that face first-ring suburbs, so that we can thrive and grow. Our city finances must be sound and sustainable. Our public safety must be effective as well as equitable for all and transparent. And our neighborhoods must remain vital through thoughtful development and planning, maintenance of our park & recreation system, and ever mindful of environmental impacts.
I will continue to support public safety resources that are targeted and designed to be most effective in solving the issues we face. Use of social workers and a housing navigator gets the most useful resources to work on issues that aren't best resolved by a patrol officer. The Community Action Team includes specialists on auto related theft and other areas, and allows for a focused and flexible response to emerging issues. RPD must maintain a positive working relationship with the community.
Campaign Twitter Handle @@strahan4r
Campaign Mailing Address 1260 SHRYER AVE W
I have two years council experience and have heard many resident concerns. My goals as mayor are achievable: Declare a climate emergency; add Accessibility in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work especially in parks and city businesses; strengthen and create greater purpose for citizen commissions; increase participation of Roseville businesses in the many programs and services the city offers; address needs specific to Roseville residents of color – the economic success of Roseville depends on the success of our communities of color; reform labor policies in Roseville to include city minimum wages and mandatory safe and sick time to protect all workers in Roseville – we will not tolerate wage theft, trafficking, or tax fraud.
Environment, Equity, Engagement. We need an Energy Action Plan to meet the goals set out by the 2020 Comprehensive Plan. Attention to equity is, in addition to internal toolkits and Strategic Equity Plans, cultivating substantive relationships with women and potential leaders of color. People want more “real time” opportunities to be informed, collaborative, and engaged. These can include regular Coffee with Council, Town Hall meetings, and meetings IN the community so we are known & trusted.
I support long-term funding of the police department programs that include 2 embedded social workers and a housing navigator. This decriminalizes homelessness and prioritizes mental health care for many who interact with the PD. I have asked the PD multicultural advisory committee to include LGBTQ residents in the BIPOC focus to ensure safety for vulnerable resident populations. We need community block groups which can be effective crime deterrents and fill the information void.