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Brooklyn Park Council Member Ward E

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    Indred Alexander

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    Christian Eriksen

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I will use my broad range of knowledge and experience in community engagement, business, and education to advocate for the residents of Brooklyn Park’s East District and their interests. I believe it is my responsibility as a resident, to be engaged in our community. Serving on City Council allows me to use my skills and experience to address the many issues and concerns that are holding our city back from being the best that it can be. As an Insurance Professional, I am accustomed to seeking solutions and minimizing risk. And, as a former Real Estate Professional and Developer, I look to maximize the use of properties to meet the needs of the community. These are just a few of the skills that I will use to advocate for our residents.
1. Improving public safety, by supporting and seeking solutions to decrease crime in a fair and balanced manner and to improve the safety of our streets and highways. 2. The rights of our resident are being threatened every day. I want to make sure that we have polices in place that will protect the rights of Brooklyn Park residents. 3. I plan to be more proactive in protecting our environment and reducing carbon emissions throughout our city.
• Support policies that enforce accountability for violent crimes against our residents and support the Brooklyn Park Police Department and the Hennepin County Sheriff's office in enforcing the laws of our community, in a fair and balanced manner. • Seek solutions to improve safety along walking and biking paths throughout the city. • Ensure that the improvements to Highway 252 addresses the safety and environmental concerns for our residents.
I extensive experience interacting with many parts of our city government through my 6 years on the Human Rights Commission, my services on the Police Scorecard Taskforce, the Fire Dept. Strategic Planning Taskforces, interview committees for several key leaders, and others. Further, I have tried to stay engaged with a variety of community organizations including the local schools, ACER, and The Village BP. I am a life long Brooklyn Park resident. My Parent still live in my childhood home, and my kids call Brooklyn Park home.
1. Housing. The city needs to dramatically change is relationship with landlords to make sure that the rights and safety of residents take precedent over other considerations. 2. Public Safety. Important changes are in front of us related to police-community engagement, Fire dept. logistics, and investment in youth programming. 3. Government Culture. I would like to seem much more cross-functional accountability across departments. If something is wrong, make sure someone knows.
1. Continue to support neighborhood watches and offer training to watch captains. 2. Expand Park and Rec. Youth engagement team. 3. Replicate the PD's current apartment engagement plan from Huntington Place across all multi-family housing. 4. Expand PD capacities in mental health response and cross-cultural competency.