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Crystal Council Member Section II

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    Forest Eidbo

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    Tony Sumnicht

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Campaign Website http://ForestForCrystal.com
Campaign Mailing Address 4550 FLORIDA AVE N
I am the only candidate who brings a lifelong connection to Crystal and has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to ensure the city continues to thrive in the increasingly competitive west metro. With a master's degree in natural resource management and career of working with diverse communities and solving tough natural resource issues I am the only candidate with directly applicable lived experience to tackle tough issues like engaging the city's diverse community, increasing transportation safety, and managing our struggling urban forest. As your council member you can trust that I will improve the city; not just today but ensure that we have a strong vision and plan to have Crystal shine brightly for decades to come.
My first priority is to revisit our long-term planning documents and strengthen the city's vision for development. Crystal needs to be active in directing development in a way that creates places people want to visit.

Second, we need to improve the integration of Crystal's diverse communities, especially in Section II. Working with these communities to understand how they can be better reached.

Third, we need to improve the transportation safety of our neighborhood streets and roads.
Crystal is well positioned in our community with a responsive and well staffed police force that is trusted by residents. While better situated than other cities, we can still improve public safety. I would support efforts to secure dedicated mental health service workers for Crystal to apply the right tools to the right situations. I also will advocate for increased city support to build better neighborhood cohesion and organization; strong and connected neighborhoods are safer neighborhoods.
Campaign Twitter Handle @@TonyforCrystal
Campaign Email info@tonyforcrystal.com
Campaign Mailing Address 6621 CORVALLIS AVE N
I didn't just move to Crystal. I've been here volunteering and contributing to our community. I have a clear understand the history of our city, the values we hold dear, and the challenges we face.

Currently I serve as Vice-Chair of the Parks and Rec Commission, President of the Tree Board, Vice-President of the Frolics Board, and volunteer for the Farmers Market. In my career I have experience working with cities and other government agencies. I've helped open a new business taking a vacant building and turning it into an 80,000 sq ft manufacturing facility.

With looming economic uncertainty now is not the time to settle for the status quo. I promise to always bring energy, dedication, and passion to the City Council.
I'm incredibly concerned about the 9.5% increase we will be seeing in the city’s portion of our property taxes. We need to focus more on long term planning to keep unexpected expenses to a minimum, exploring cost saving partnerships with our neighbors, and revitalizing our commercial areas so less of the tax burden falls on homeowners.

I will also focus on delivering exceptional city services such as snow removal, great parks, safe roads, connected paths, and costumer service.
I will prioritize public safety ensuring our public servants have the training, resources, and tools they need not only to keep our residents safe but truly become a trusted part of our community. I want our police officers to be out in our community getting to know residents, so when issues do arise there is a foundation of trust established to help better handle issues. We also need more dedicated mental health to assist officers and help guide individuals to support when they are in crisis.