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Ramsey Council Member Ward 3

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    Rachal Johnson

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    Dan Specht

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I have been a resident of Ramsey, MN, since 1999. I have had a career focused on Housing/Financial services for the past 29 years. I am a clear and concise thinker that always needs to balance a budget and reduce wasteful spending. The city has changed over the last 23 years, and we need to move in a direction that keeps our small-town feel but attracts people and businesses to continue to grow with what the city needs. I am someone that can listen to all sides and look at what is required and take out personal feelings or agendas to ensure that it is best for the city today and in the future. We need someone who will vote for what is best for Ramsey and not a personal agenda.
There are vital areas that need improvement. First is the roads; we need a plan for today and the future to ensure our streets are to standard. The second is attracting new businesses; we need stores and restaurants where people want to shop and eat. The third is safe drinking water for all residents and providing the tools and resources to ensure they have the water quality they deserve. Finally, we need to promote community involvement. We, as a city, have many events that unite all of us.
My goal is to be involved. Have an open-door policy where people can share their thoughts and ask questions regardless of opinion. Transparency is a vital part of my initiative. People need a council they can believe in and contact to answer questions and get the answers they need. Community is essential to me. Promoting neighborhood engagement also promotes a place where you can stay safe.
I’ve been honored to serve the City of Ramsey Ward 3 since 2019. During that time, I’ve worked hard to ensure the residents of Ramsey have their voices heard in the city.

• I’ve approved fully funding our police, including approving body cameras. • Voted to eliminate extra fees such as the -Dog licensing fee -Hunting fee -Franchise fee • As part of the Highway 10 Coalition Committee, secured full funding for HWY 10 overpasses in Ramsey. • I worked to simplify our city code, including rewriting our Animal Ordinance drastically reducing its complexity. • Voted for increased road funding to ensure we have a strong infrastructure. • Approved new Playground Replacement Policy. • Fought for fiscal responsibility by prioritizing needs.
1. Public Safety. Ensure our police and firefighters are fully funded and have the equipment they need. This ensures we have a safe community for families and all residents to enjoy.

2. Fiscal Responsibility. We need to prioritize the needs of Ramsey while eliminating unnecessary spending.

3. Roads and Parks. A strong infrastructure is needed. We need to continue to fund our roads and bring them all up to high standards. We need to follow our new Playground Replacement Policy.
Its vital Ramsey residents feel safe in their community. • I’ve voted to fully fund our police department. Approved the tools and equipment they need, including body cameras. • I had an amazing experience in our Citizens Police Academy learning the immense value of building trust between our police and residents. • As former chairman of the board at PACT Charter school, I learned the value and importance of building relationships with your neighbors such as during the Night to Unite events.