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Red Wing Council Member Ward 3

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    Becky Norton

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    Jason J. Snyder

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Campaign Website http://nortonforredwing.org
Facebook (Full URL) http://fb.me/nortonforredwing
Campaign Mailing Address 515 STANLEY STREET
RED WING, MN 55066
I am currently serving my fourth year as a council member and have been twice unanimously elected by my peers as City Council President. I have demonstrated my ability to collaborate with others, listen, research, and carefully consider issues from many sides. I take responsibility for my decisions and reflect on and learn from them and new information. I work to find solutions that work for the whole community when possible and also am able to make difficult decisions necessary. I have demonstrated my commitment to this community through my problem solving and dedication to advocacy of economics, housing, equity, and sustainability in my hard work on council, committees, and in the community.
Fiscal responsibility, equity, and the economy. I work to balance our many diverse needs including being fiscally responsible and not push our responsibilities onto future residents. Therefore, I support maintaining our infrastructure, building a diverse and vibrant economy to minimize impacts of any economic changes, I work to add housing for all income levels and build our workforce, and I consider every policy and practice from an equity and sustainability lens.
I advocate for robust and diverse recruiting practices, competitive salaries, and departmental structure, duties, and wellness to maintain and recruit employees during this public safety shortage. I support our public safety departments in enhancing their community development practices. Being fully staffed and stable helps work towards that goal. I encourage regular training, review, and consideration of our policies and practices to ensure they are unbiased and enforced equitably.
I will serve the people as intended by our Constitution; a servant, elected to hear all people and not a champion for one. While following the law as written, I will work to lower our cost of living. I believe that everyone should be guaranteed equal opportunity to present their grievances. I don't see us as divided. Throughout the last 7 years I have traveled over 50,000 miles visiting the cities and country of every state. I've met 1000s of people from all walks of life. We are not the divided nation we are lead to believe we are. Red Wing is not any different. We all want the same thing; an equal opportunity at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I will not give favor to one while taking from another.
1. Lower the cost of living; the people of Red Wing told me to.

2. Shift the paradigm of the people and the council back to 'The people have all the power and the council answers to the people.' Our US and State Constitutions along with the City Charter demands it. I will follow the law as written.

3. Returning equality to Red Wing Council by listening to all sides and not giving favor to one, offering a true non-partisan avenue to present grievances in accordance with the 1st Amendment.
The best place to start is by having a round table with various community members to find out what drives their fears. Then ask for input on solving the problem. In the mean time, untie the hands of the local police. Encourage the police to have compassion and common sense while enforcing the law.