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St. Cloud Council Member Ward 3

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    Jake Anderson

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    Paul A. Brandmire

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Campaign Website http://jakeforstcloud.com
Campaign Twitter Handle @@jakeforstcloud
Campaign Email jakeforstcloud@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address SAVANNA AVE
ST CLOUD, MN 56303
Serving for 11 years on the planning commission and 10 years on the park & rec advisory board provided me with valuable insight and experience on local issues. I’m a consensus-builder by nature and want to bring civility to local government. We find ourselves at a polarized and divided time at all levels of government. I want to do my part in bringing us more together. We won’t always agree and you may not like my positions on things, but I’ll listen to your point of view and see if there’s any compromise that could be made in making St. Cloud a better community.
My top 3 priorities are: 1) Public Safety, 2) Infrastructure, 3) Quality of Life. These should be the focus of every council member. We need to recruit, train, and retain the best public safety professionals. We need to focus on our infrastructure and investing in ourselves. And we need to focus on our quality of life for economic development. I lay out more details on these on my website which I encourage you to visit.
Public safety requires a commitment from the city to adequately recruit, train, and retain officers. Police also need to actively engage with residents, neighborhood groups, and businesses. They are already doing this. Most importantly, it also requires the community to be actively engaged - and as a city council member, my role will be facilitating conversations between public safety professionals and the community to build stronger partnerships.
I lived and worked overseas for most of 20 years, with people from numerous nationalities and ethnicities. I learned to appreciate different cultures and methods. I worked within the government for two decades. I have a heart for service and a commitment to my community. Having a masters in administration and a bachelor's in business gives me the academic knowledge to work for the city council.
Public safety and overcoming the perceptions of increased crime. Maintaining and improving the infrastructure of the city. Working to eliminate the homeless problem.
Having been in law enforcement for eight years, I have the insights to work with our police forces. I will advocate for more training and equipment for physical security and will promote the statistics and realities of security to the public to overcome any unfounded misperceptions of criminal activities.