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Brazos County District Clerk

District Clerk: (4 year term)The district clerk s office is responsible for filing, docketing (assigning the case to a specific court), and keeping all paperwork and documents concerned with felony criminal cases, misdemeanor cases, family cases, juvenile cases, tax cases, and civil cases of more than $500.The district clerk s office also collects fees, fines, and court costs, and manages all funds held in litigation for these cases. Any actions ordered or taken by the court are to be recorded by the district clerk s office, and the office will issue any documents needed for legal actions.The District Clerk s office is also responsible for the jury selection processes. This includes overseeing the arrangement of a jury, the selection of names for a jury and the payment of jurors.Secretario de distrito: (término de 4 años)La oficina del secretario de distrito es responsable de archivar, registrar (asignar el caso a un tribunal específico) y mantener todos los trámites y documentos relacionados con casos de delitos graves, casos de delitos menores, casos de familia, casos de menores , casos de impuestos y casos civiles de más de $500. La oficina del secretario del distrito también recauda honorarios, multas y costas judiciales, y administra todos los fondos retenidos en litigios por estos casos. Cualquier acción ordenada o tomada por el tribunal debe ser registrada por la oficina del secretario del distrito, y la oficina emitirá los documentos necesarios para las acciones legales. La oficina del Secretario del Distrito también es responsable de los procesos de selección del jurado. Esto incluye supervisar la disposición de un jurado, la selección de nombres para un jurado y el pago de los jurados.

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    Gabriel Garcia

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    Searcy Toliver

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What technology is needed to ensure the office runs efficiently?

As Brazos County continues to grow, how will the District Clerk’s Office change and what steps need to be in place now to prepare for that growth?

How will you support judges as they work to maintain an efficient court?

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Campaign Mailing Address 712 Chadley Ct
Bryan, TX 77803
Campaign Phone 979-822-7905
I will try to ensure that the office has the most up to date software and programs that are compatible with the County's system. All personnel will be trained and have updated training.
The District Clerk's Office house all District Court paperwork and documents of felony criminal cases, misdemeanor, family, juvenile and tax cases as well civil cases of more than $500. Will continue to digitize cases in order to keep housing them in the office down. Crime is continuing to grow with crimes against persons and property. The summons need to expand across Brazos County and we need to enforce the participation of citizens for juries.
The District Clerk's office will keep a running jury summons selection for all cases. We have a Jury Services Office set to deal with petit jury selection. This office oversees the arrangement of a jury, selection of names and payment of jurors. We will always be available to support the Judges and their office in any way that we can.