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Brazos County Judge

County Judge (4 year term)A county judge has broad judicial and administrative powers, including serving as the presiding officer of the county s policy-making body, the commissioners court.The county judge presides at meetings of the commissioners’ court and is responsible for filing and posting the agenda. The county judge is also head of civil defense, disaster relief, and county welfare.Additional duties handled by the county judge include:Calling County ElectionsReceiving and canvassing the election returnsPosting election noticesPerforming marriagesPreparing the county budgetDescripción: Juez del condado (término de 4 años) Un juez del condado tiene amplios poderes judiciales y administrativos, incluido el cargo de presidente del órgano de formulación de políticas del condado, el tribunal de comisionados. El juez del condado preside las reuniones de la corte de comisionados y es responsable de archivar y publicar la agenda. El juez del condado también es jefe de defensa civil, socorro en casos de desastre y bienestar del condado. Los deberes adicionales manejados por el juez del condado incluyen: Llamar a las elecciones del condado, Recibir y examinar los resultados de las elecciones, Publicar avisos electorales, Celebrar matrimonios, Preparar el presupuesto del condado

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    Clyde Garland

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    Duane Peters

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What strategies will you employ to avoid a backlog of cases and maintain an efficient court?

As courts come under even more scrutiny, what oversight is needed to maintain a balanced, fair, and just court?

How do you maintain impartial boundaries with attorneys in order to maintain a court based on equality?

Campaign Phone 979-779-1775
Campaign Website http://brazoslp.org
Campaign Email clydegarla@aol.com
(Work longer hours.) Like all Libertarians, I am running to set us Free. We have "Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." It is in our Constitution which all Gov officials, including those we elect, have taken an Oath to "support." Covid has proven again that we do not have Rights, like the Right of an owner to open his business, like the Right of a laborer to work, like he Right of a Customer to shop, unless our Gov allows us to do so. Any law that prevents us from exercising our Rights is unconstitutional. Surely some of us know by now what a farce our government's reaction to Covid was. Covid was a bad flu, worse than resent flus, and the vaccine did nothing to lower its kill rate.
(Have fully informed juries that judge the Law as well as the deed.) But what if something really bad happens, don't we need the heavy hand of Gov to take away our Rights, so Gov can save us? NO. Gov always does more harm than good when it takes our Rights. Example: Our Gov’s “War on Drugs” has done a lot more harm than drugs ever did. Alcohol has done more harm than all the other drugs combined, requiring Amendments 18&21 to ban and unban it. Same thing with drugs, but with no Amendments, making all the laws our US Reps passed to ban the "illegal" ones and control the "legal" ones, unconstitutional. Like alcohol, our US Reps had no Right (no authority) to control drugs, without changing our Constitution with an Amendment.
Stop reelecting Judges that do not "maintain a court based on equality.") Some may argue that we have more rights than we have ever had and that we live better than we have ever lived, and I would agree. But that is not because of Gov, it is despite Gov. We have more choices and live better because of innovation and production. We live in scary times, because our government has proved once again, that it can take away our Right to innovate and produce at any time. To remind our Reps that we Voters are their boss and that they derive their "just Powers form the Consent Of the Governed, do not elect any incumbent that has not made it abundantly clear that they support the Constitution. And vote for Libertarian candidates.
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