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Greenway Township Town Supervisor Seat 3

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    Ron Gangl Jr

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    Joe Zeleznikar

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Campaign Mailing Address 28968 COUNTY ROAD 69
BOVEY, MN 55709
I have been a Greenway Township resident my entire life. I was employed by the Township for 31 years as a mechanic, equipment operator and foreman. My past service includes being on the Township board for the past 8 years. Currently, I represent the Township on the Greenway Fire Joint Powers Board, Lakeview Cemetery Board and the Highway 169 Cross Range study.

I value the perspectives and insights of residents from across the Township and will continue to work directly with community members. All residents should have the opportunity to become more involved and feel that their opinion is being heard.
Greenway Township includes the Marble, Calumet, and Pengilly areas. I recognize that each has its own unique set of needs and wants..

I will continue to prioritize fiscal responsibility. The Township has kept the levy to a minimum.

Finally, I will continue to work to ensure there are efficient and reliable services like road maintenance, infrastructure improvements such as resurfacing roads, and caring for the public beach, ball field and skating rink.
We need to support the local satellite companies that are created by the mining industry. Support for public safety with a modernized fire department is also necessary.

My goal will always be to do what is best for our Township and its people.