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Cannon Falls City Mayor

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    Matt Montgomery

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    Rebecca C Youngmark

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Why are you the best candidate for this position? (750 characters)

If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (500 characters)

How will you work with your community to promote public safety in our neighborhoods? (500 characters)

I am the best candidate for becoming the mayor of Cannon Falls because I have a vision for the future of our community. I've also earned the trust of our citizens after four years of service on the city council. And I also have the ability to be the voice of the community and get things accomplished in the best interest of Cannon Falls.
My top priority is responsible growth for Cannon Falls. Right now, our community needs housing. I would lead an effort to attract housing developments, retirement homes for senior citizens, and new apartments. My second priority would be to try and attract new businesses to the area. This includes our industrial park, downtown, and the south side of town. We need to get creative to incentivize business owners to come to Cannon Falls. My last priority is the renovation of John Burch Park.
Public safety has been a strength in the Cannon Falls area. We have a tremendous police department, emergency medical services, fire department, and healthcare providers.
I am the best candidate for this position because I bring a new perspective to the City Council. With a background in public relations, I intend to publicize the good things that are happening in our community, especially with government. I want to inspire the townspeople to get involved by attending council meetings, commission meetings and work sessions. I will work hard to listen to residents and their ideas. I currently serve on the Park Board, an advisory board for the city. I believe that Cannon Falls is a wonderful community and want to work to help make it even better by leading the community as Mayor.
1. Listening to the members of the community is a priority. I have attended council meetings watching as residents speak up about their issues. Often, the council has no interaction. As an elected city official, it is important to acknowledge resident’s input. 2. I want to promote business and bring more jobs to our city. We want our city to grow and for that we need to provide more jobs with salaries that support families. 3. Try to lower water/sewer bills and not raise taxes.
To promote safety, I will work hard to keep our department and not outsource it to the Sheriff's department. We need a local police department that is properly trained, has a good ratio of officers to citizens and is willing to be a part of our community. I will ensure that our department has the tools and training they need to do their job well while being an active part of our city and building relationships in our Cannon Falls community.