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ISD #200 School Board Member (Special Election)

School board members oversee the care, management, and control of schools. This includes hiring, firing, and overseeing superintendents, who manage the day-to-day affairs of the district. They also set levies to fund the district and create school policies.

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    Todd A. Kullmann

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    Pamela J. Onnen

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    Mark A. Zuzek

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Why are you the best candidate for this position? (750 characters)

If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (500 characters)

How will you work with staff and teachers to promote safety in our schools? (500 characters)

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I have remained an active part of our community and district for over 25 years. I have a mechanical engineering background; I worked at the Pine Bend refinery for 7 years immediately after college. During that time, I learned how to quickly make decisions which had solid financial gains and benefit to personnel and our environment. My personal experiences as an engineer, as a substitute teacher in the district, and as a family member in ISD200 have all led me to have a perspective that overlaps with most of our families. I know the value of asking questions and understanding a different point of view. I think carefully and ask questions before I make a decision. My answers are clear and concise. I do not like to waste time.
My top priorities will fit between two categories: Growth and Safety. The third priority, Communication, is a shared priority between the others. We need to prioritize the growth of schoolchildren, and we need to continue to track intellectual growth from K-12. The best investment for our children is to employ and retain talented teachers, PSAs, and support staff. Our district’s safe atmosphere should allow each person to know they are important, and every person will be treated respectfully.
I have earned a good working relationship with many ISD 200 teachers and staff during the past 10 years as a substitute teacher in the district. I have also had conversations with staff, students, and leadership about our “Safe, Respectful, Responsible” program. This program focuses on positive responses for students who are ‘caught’ then noticed and rewarded for being safe. This program should continue, with an eye for correcting any student disparities between grade levels or other factors.
Campaign Website http://markzuzek.com
Campaign Email marka.zuzek@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 2470 Timber View Drive
Hastings, MN 55033
I am the best candidate for this position because: As a life-long citizen of Hastings, I have an accurate pulse on the needs of the students, families, staff, and the Hastings community.

My experience includes more than 30 years as a public school leader. I have been a teacher, assistant principal, principal, and superintendent.

I have been an active volunteer in the community serving on several boards, task forces, and special projects. I love Hastings! I know how to achieve lofty goals through consensus and collaboration.

I have unparalleled experience in school and community leadership; and I have strong compassion for the children, families, staff, and broader community that I will serve as a school board member.
In every classroom, students will enjoy meaningful interactions with caring, well-prepared, creative, and enthusiastic staff that have the knowledge, wisdom, and resources to change lives.

I will work collaboratively with my fellow school board members. Consensus will provide a singular voice from a school board that is professional and compassionate.

I will work to ensure that parents and the broader community have a voice in the education of our children.

I have significant training related to safe schools including ALICE and PRePare. A school must be constantly ready for inevitable events. Regardless of the issue all staff and students need to know what the protocol is. As a former teacher, principal and superintendent, safety was my highest priority.

The best way to maintain a safe school is to have a healthy and positive school culture where students are safe to share concerns and potential problems with adults!