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Glacial Ridge Hospital District Board Member at Large

A hospital district is authorized in Minnesota statute to acquire, improve, and run hospitals and nursing homes that the hospital district board decides are necessary to meet the health care needs of the community.

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    Dennis Martinson

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    Mark Thompson

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Campaign Mailing Address 19714 HALWOOD RD
I have 25 years experience on the Hospital board and have been co-chair of a few fundraising drives for the Hospital and the Hospital Foundation. I have led and/or supported the Hospital additions, modernization, staff recruitment, acquiring land for our Foundation's Ridgewood Villa including additions to double its size from 30 to 59 units. Over the last 25 years, I have served many years as Chairman or Vice Chairman of both the Glacial Ridge Hospital District and the Glacial Ridge Hospital Foundation. My personal commitment is to continue supporting growth and long term strength for this medical facility in our community. I am also committed to keeping our medical facility an independent, locally owned and managed modern service.

1. Work with and support our entire staff. 2. Help to promote the quality and expertise of our staff. 3. Promote our entire community and quality of life for all residents of our area.
Supporting progressive growth in services which will help our community be a desirable area for people to come to and work, live and make this an awesome place to raise a family and spend a life time. I have lived in this community since I was 3 years old and have been very active promoting and serving this entire area. I would appreciate your support and vote. Thank you. Dennis
Campaign Mailing Address 608 EASTERN AVE S
Why me? As a Minnesotan of Scandinavian decent, I cannot comfortably state that I am the best at anything. That said, I have 35 years of health care administration experience, with small and large health care systems. I understand how important access to quality local health care is to this area. I am familiar with the challenges faced by health care workers and health care systems.
Top 3 priorities: As a new member on the Board, I must start with the following 3 priorities: Listen to and understand the concerns of the people served by Glacial Ridge Hospital. Listen to and understand the concerns of the GRH employees. Understand the goals and objectives of the GRH Board.
The Glacial Ridge Hospital plays a critical role in the lives of the people of this area. The delivery of health care is constantly changing, and the people served by GRH deserve a voice in guiding these changes.